Day-time Entertainment & Sport Animation


• Day-time programmes and sport animation are a central part of the customizable offer

• Objectives:

– offer variety, entertainment, good quality (hardware and software)
– flawless implementation, easy access

• Approach:

– joint elaboration of detailed programmes/ offers
– joint decision on needed equipment
– implementation and daily operation by “People of the World”

• Control:

– pre-defined quality targets
– weekly feedback


• Weekly organization of creative programmes, sports tournaments and games

• Organization and implementation of sports offers

• Organization and implementation of artistic/ creative offers (possibly with external partners)

• Professional, multi-lingual information in co-operation with Marketing department (website, App, info screens, room information, etc.)

• Alternative/ indoor programmes in case of bad weather

• Animation staff: approx. 8 people

Day-time Entertainment

• Games:

– bingo
– table-top football
– SingStar
– etc.

Free and voluntary participation of guests, prizes sponsored by “People of the World”

• Artistic/ creative programmes (for supplement)

– photography course
– painting (e.g. watercolour, silk painting, …)
– pottery course
– sculpture course (sone, wood, …)
– cooking classes

Possible theme weeks/ offers

Sports: Beach

• Water Sports Centre outsourced to specialized partner -> not part of Animation

• Animation is responsible for: upkeep of beach volley/ beach soccer/ beach tennis/ bocce courts, (free) rental of equipment (balls, rackets, etc.), organization of tournaments

• Offered sports:

– beach volley (incl. tournaments, possible campus)
– beach soccer (incl. tournaments)
– beach tennis (incl. tournaments)
– bocce (incl. tournaments)
– fitness: 30 minute programmes for stretching, step aerobics, spinning, aqua gym, body shaping, Zumba, bums-tums-legs, back fitness, early morning Pilates & yoga, etc.
– possible personal fitness, circle fitness, biker fitness, etc. (for supplement)

Sports: Land

• Bike Centre may be outsourced to specialized partner -> not part of Animation

• Animation is responsible for: upkeep of multi-functional sports courts (tennis, football, basket, volleyball), (free) rental of equipment (balls, rackets, etc.), reservations of tennis courts (at cost), organization of tournaments

• Offered sports:

– tennis (incl. tournaments)
– basket (incl. tournaments)
– volleyball (incl. tournaments)
– 5-a-side football (incl. tournaments)
– archery (incl. tournaments)
– table tennis (incl. tournaments)
– Nordic walking (incl. guided excursions)
– trekking (incl. guided excursions)
– slacklining