Evening Entertainment


• Evening entertainment -> top priority

• Objectives:

– “best in class” via truly professional acts, variety, highlight events
– programmes developed and implemented for international crowd

• Approach:

– development of detailed 14-day programmes together with Village team
– implementation of “Village events” (Village staff & animation staff)
– integration of professional artists/ show acts (acrobats, bands, etc.)
– integration of (internationally) known celebrities

• Control:
– pre-defined quality targets
– weekly feedback


• Develop a detailed 14-day evening entertainment programme designed for an international crowd

• Select, book and integrate professional artists/show acts or celebrities into evening entertainment programme(according to concept and budget)

• Advise, organize and provide necessary technical equipment for the show programme

• Help organize, implement and manage “Village events”

• Provide timely information on programmes, events, etc. to the Marketing department

• Animation staff: approx. 6 people (incl. Team Leader/Artistic Director, DJ, Technician)

Programme Ideas

• Amphitheatre:

– top-class show programmes with acrobatics (e.g. equilibristic, vertical poles, etc.), comedy (e.g. acrobatic comedy, pantomime, etc.), jugglers, magic (e.g. illusionists, hypnotists, etc.)
– live music
-disco nights (70s/80s/90s/ etc.)

• Village:

– “SerataToscana” (F&B, music, farmer’s market, local folklore, street artists, etc.)
– beach party/ pool party
– casino nights
– etc.